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Inspiring students to become successful performers in piano & singing

Esther’s Piano & Singing School – Stonefields Singing Stars

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Singing Teacher in Stonefields Area – Esther’s Piano and Singing School

Esthers Piano and Singing School is conveniently located in Stonefields, Auckland. Lots of parking avialable. Teaching Piano and Singing in a fun and friendly environment.

Playful music lessons that spark creativity, build community, and provide a strong musical foundation to encourage a lifelong love of music

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Singing Lessons – Stonefields, Auckland

Esther’s Singing classes works on diction, pronunciation, confidence, technique, story telling, and performance. Each student is different, each with their own unique voice. The classes are custom designed to fit the needs of each individual as we work on range expansion, vocal flexibility and core strength.

Confidence building affects all aspects of life and is a very important teaching aspect that we cover here. Singing lessons are also known to develop core strength and correct breathing techniques.

Esther’s singing school creates a safe, warm and comfortable environment where students can grow and flourish, building confidence whilst learning the strong foundations of singing. Esther’s goal at the end of the day is to inspire students.

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