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Inspiring students to become successful performers in piano & singing

Esther’s Piano & Singing School – Stonefields Singing Stars

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Piano Teacher in Stonefields Area – Esther’s Piano and Singing School

Esthers Piano and Singing School is conveniently located in Stonefields, Auckland. Lots of parking avialable. Teaching Piano and Singing in a fun and friendly environment.

Playful music lessons that spark creativity, build community, and provide a strong musical foundation to encourage a lifelong love of music

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Piano Lessons – Stonefields, Auckland

Esther’s piano lessons are designed to maximize the likelihood of students acquiring and retaining music as a lifelong companion.

My aim is for students to experience their musicianship as a natural self-expression , Play a vast repertoire covering a broad array of musical styles and genres and develop the ability to progress independently.

My students enjoy wonderful music, focus and learn self-confidence and develop their musical potential through singing or playing their instrument.

I love Teaching Piano and Singing. My lessons will “Inspire students to become successful performers”.

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