Under 5’s – Toddler music group

Music is like superfood for developing brains

St Heliers, Meadowbank, Remuera, Mt Wellington, and other Eastern Suburbs.

A comprehensive curriculum suited to the needs of under 5 year olds. 

Under 5's - Toddlers Music Group

Music education for preschoolers in a fun, friendly environment.

Every child is born with an innate and profound musicality.

At the most basic level, this musicality is demonstrated every day in such things as our ability to walk and talk. Our musicality is a gift, and with proper nurturing it grows with your child.

Enhances brain development through proven, positive effects of music.

Music develops coordination, body awareness and spatial concepts, and physical motor skills.

Music improves listening and concentration skills.

Music provides a dramatic impact on language development and improving vocal and speech development through singing.

Give your kids a life-long love of music.

Under 5's - Toddlers Music Group

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